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StarQuire Media Group is content creation. Our talented team specializes in social media strategy, product branding, and cinematic storytelling. Whether we are featuring a business, a product, or an event our goal is to make it an entertaining experience worth watching and sharing. The StarQuire team doesn't stop until the most engaging story is produced.


A film professor and Emmy award-winning filmmaker with a focus in screenwriting and producing. Founder of AMFM Fest & ABQ Film Fest. 


A pioneer in immersive content with over 15 years of visual effects experience most recently seen on The Angry Birds Movie. 


 A high-energy cinematographer and visual creator focused in film and  stylized content. Most recent work with Vans and Game of Thrones.

@Action Vacuum  "I never had enough time or experience to effectively market my business online. StarQuire handles everything from video production to distribution."

Scott Perenio

@Phenom Nutrition  "StarQuire was key in helping us get our new product off the ground. One stop shop for sponsored articles, photo shoots, and video production!"

Troy Muller

StarQuire uses fast, entertaining, and informative storytelling to feature your business in the way mobile users want to see it.

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Explore. Discover. Empower. 
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Why is Sponsored Content important to your business?

Why is Video Content the way of the future?

Sponsored Content is by far more than advertising. It's about showing your customers who you are rather than simply broadcasting an advertisement. According to Bill Gates "Content is king" and Fortune Magazine considers Sponsored Content the "Holy Grail of Digital Publishing." 

Sponsored Content is an investment that adds value to your brand. It can help you build a community of loyal customers while making your brand the local authority. Once published, it gains value as it is shared accross social media platforms. 

Succesful content marketing takes great story tellers. Let our creative team develop the most effective Sponsored Content for your business. 

StarQuire can even help bring you the right audience from publications around the web like PEOPLE, VOGUE, USA TODAY, NEWSWEEK, and many more via our content syndication platform.  

Video has the unique power to combine sound, vision, and dialogue to bring stories alive creating a genuine connection between your business and the viewer. 

StarQuire is levelling the playing field for small businesses. We've made Fortune 500 technology affordable. Big brands have increased their earnings thanks to the effectiveness of video. Now is your turn to boost your business with professionally produced HD videos that can capture your story in a stunning way.

According to Forbes, by 2019, video content will the driving factor behind 85% of search traffic in the US. 

Let our talented storytellers produce and distribute your videos today. 

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(888) 436-5261



Multi-Award Winning Team


An Emmy award-winning cinematographer and sound tech with more than 17 years of experience. Worked with Viggo Mortensen. 


A cinematographer & camera operator best known for her latest work on Netflix's hit series 'NARCOS'.  She's one of the rising stars of cinematography. 


 A 5 Emmy award winning director and editor with a passion for storytelling. After graduating  from UCLA, Julio worked with the Fox Television team. 

How does it work?

Discovery & Pre-production

Let's talk, ask questions, and gather all the data to write your engaging story that will show the world why you're better than the competition! 

Content Production

Our seasoned production team will plan, write, create, and review the stunning content that will make your competition jealous. 


Yes, we syndicate the content for you! Wow your targeted audience with cinema-quality videos at the affordable price you need to succeed.  

Samples of Our Team's Creative Work

Time is your most valuable asset

Our team of seasoned media managers, writers, and cinematographers form a unique combination that can help your business stand out from all the media clutter- saving you lots of precious time.

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